THC-A Flower | 3-Pack Bundle | Mix Pack | 10.5 Gram Total

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About Our THC-A Flower: 
Discover the natural goodness of our THC-A Flower from Hemptowns. Our carefully grown flowers contain high levels of THC-A, offering a smooth and potent experience. Enjoy the pure taste and aroma while reaping the therapeutic benefits of cannabinoids in their natural form. Choose quality, choose Hemptowns.

Hemptowns THC-A Flower Specification: 
- 1 Indica, 1 Sativa, 1 Hybrid
- 10.5 Gram Total of pure THC-A Flower 
- 16.97% THC-A Chem Dawg, 21.66% THC-A Blue Dream, 28.24% THC-A Mango Kush

Must be 21 years or older to purchase.